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Daily Slop: Trent Williams is Still Getting Better; Shanahan Talks About Snyder Not Liking McNabb Benching

Shanahan Pleased With Grossman's Performance
"I think he’d like to have that [first-quarter] interception back," Shanahan said. "We missed a block and he threw it out in the flat and should have thrown it a little bit further away. On the one fumble he had at the start of the second half, he was stepping up and sliding. I know he’d like to have that back. I thought the [interception] at the end of the game was a play you have to make regardless of the situation."

CSN Washington: Kelli Johnson Interviews Shanahan about Snyder's reaction of McNabb Benching
Shanahan on Snyder not liking the news of McNabb being benched: "He's always been great with me. If he made any comments then they were off the cuff to someone else. If he was upset about it, he didn't tell me."    

Redskins Discuss Rex Grossman And The Failed Comeback
Chris Cooley: "Rex is so fast getting in and out of the huddle. He is so intense. There is nothing laid back. He has a quick tempo and he gets us to the ball as fast as he can get us to the ball. He called a lot of plays on first down; he called a lot of plays quick. He got to the ball when they were moving around on defense and they weren't able to make adjustments. When he finally got into a rhythm, we got into a good rhythm."

Santana Moss Discusses The Drop
"You look at it, and -- I was disgusted with myself, but when you look at it, you know, I'm stumbling while trying to make a play..."

What we learned, 12/21/10 | Washington Examiner
"The fuss made over quarterback Donovan McNabb still going onto the field for the coin toss as a captain is unbelievable. McNabb was elected as captain by his teammates. If he doesn't go out for the coin toss he's turning his back on them -- not the coaches."

Hail! Magazine: Trent Williams gives Redskins fans a reason to believe
"He’s going to be a really good tackle," Ware said on the eve of their rematch. "He’s very athletic. He run-blocks very well. He pass-blocks very well. He’s been improving every week. From the first time I faced him ‘til now, the little things that he had problems with, he’s corrected."

Redskins Insider - Doughty could be out this week, pressing Barnes into duty at safety

Chad Dukes: Are Washington Redskins Fans Willing To Wait To Win? - SB Nation DC
The Redskins seem to think their fanbase is too impatient to sit through a long rebounding effort, but is that really true? Would you have been willing to accept not trading for Donovan McNabb and instead using 2010 as a transitional year?

Hard Hits with LaVar Arrington - USO Tour: a flight across hostile territory
Latest diary entry of LaVar overseas with the troops.

Nate Allen of Philadelphia Eagles has ruptured patellar tendon - ESPN
Eagles rookie safety Nate Allen has a ruptured patellar tendon in his right knee and will have season-ending surgery. Allen was of course the Eagles' draft pick from the Redskins for McNabb.

D.C. Sports Bog - Keyshawn Johnson, Ditka critique Shanahan
All of these quotes make me realize how off experts can be. Shanahan has continually defended himself that he's the only person (not the fans or media) who have seen how Grossman has practiced, and that translates on the field.


Police: Boyfriend of Missing Las Vegas Dancer Was Arrested on Abuse Charges - ABC News
Dancer is supposedly an ex-Redskinette.