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The Thursday Line

Damn...I lost the slightest bit of ground, outsmarting myself at every turn. Given that I am a huge moron, that task is both painfully easy and excruciatingly difficult. I am now 28-31 against Lee from Australia. This week we have four games that we disagree on so I am hoping to be sitting back on top by Monday.

New Orleans Saints (-6.5) @ Cincinnati Bengals

Pommylee: There is a lot of money to be made by realizing that Carson Palmer stinks. With the Falcons having such a strong year and the Bucs in hot pursuit of a playoff berth, the Saints won't let up in any game. This will be a big win and an easy cover. Pick SAINTS

Ken: I just don't understand the problem in Cincy...that offense should be great. Does Carson Palmer really suck? The Saints have made a living this year turning games into barn-burners. I think the Saints win, but I think it is by surviving a scare. Pick BENGALS

Buffalo Bills @ Minnesota Vikings (-6.5)

Pommylee: The Bills are an unbelievable cover team this season--not winning but playing everyone close. This goes againts my never bet on games involving Favre rule (because you never know whether you're getting 4 TD's or 4 INT's), but i think the Bills might even win this game. Either way it will be close. Is it just possible that Ryan Fitzpatrick is actually good? Things to ponder, mmmmm. Pick BILLS

Ken: In Favre I Trust. Seriously. He is playing for a coach he actually is willing to risk it all for in Leslie Frazier and against the Redskins last week showed a willingness to put himself in the back seat offensively. The Vikings--with or without Adrian Peterson--will run roughshod over the Bills defense. This is going to be a Minnesota lovefest, with the players and their new coach showing the home crowd what they they would have been about all season if Childress had been fired sooner. Pick VIKINGS

St. Louis Rams (-3.5) @ Arizona Cardinals

Pommylee: The Cards stink, and the Rams might actually be good. Put it this way, I would have backed the Rams if the line was 7.5 so at 3.5 I'll happily cash in. The Saints game is this week's special, but this one is close. Pick RAMS

Ken: Damn...the Rams really jump off the page this week to me. But Pommy saved me from making the rookie mistake and taking the SUCKER BET OF THE WEEK. This game has ugly written all over it. I otherwise would not touch it, but with the Rams being such an obvious choice here, I simply can't resist the urge to go the other way and take Arizona. Pick CARDS

Cleveland Browns @ Miami Dolphins (-4.5)

Pommylee: If Colt McCoy does not play, then scratch this tip (let me say again: if we had taken McCoy with Pick 37, we would still have our 3rd round pick next year, plus we would have kept Campbell and would have been able to leverage him for more than a future 4th rounder). Shanahan might be good at X's and O's, but he stinks when it comes to personnel decisions. Pick BROWNS

Ken: Cleveland is hard to bet against these days, but did anyone else see Ricky Williams playing ball last week? Henne threw for over 300 yards and Ricky ran for a hair under 100 yards. Cleveland is in the bottom half of pass defenses and Davone Bess has been solid all year. I will take the Dolphins at home in a game they have to win to have even a remote chance at the playoffs. Pick DOLPHINS