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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Dark Days for D.C. Sports Fans

I wake up this morning to news that my Washington Capitals have lost their 8th straight contest. LeTravel James visited last night with his Miami Heat and stole a victory from my Washington Wizards. And today, the Rex Grossman era begins?

In the month of December, we have seen just two wins in total out of these three teams, one from the Wizards and one from the Caps. If this isn't rock bottom, we are in deep yogurt.

I report the following only because it is the only good news I can muster before I enjoy my Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: I had a dream that Rex Grossman threw for 300+ yards in a rout of the Cowgirls. I tried to stay asleep for another 350 hours or so, but it wasn't happening.

This week, I have a lot to say about the state of things in D.C. for us fans. It isn't all bad either. But this morning, the notion that we can't get much lower is washing over me.

A win over the Dallas Cowgirls would be huge for our souls. Kevin is down there for the game today and he just reported to me that he thinks it is possibly 50% Redskins fans in Jerry's Funhouse. While I don't feel good about the current state of the team, I do feel good about this game. To be clear, that is not to say I think  a win is assured. Instead, I like that we are in tryout mode. I've been a broken record about my wish for Shanahan to turn over this roster faster than Gibbs and Zorn were able to. At 5-8 and with no postseason to play for, it is time to find out who we have from top to bottom on this team. That includes Rexy. So I like the move by Shanahan to put him out there. Don't worry...even if we win today, it is not like we are going to sign Rex to a multi-year deal on the plane ride home.

And so, as we get ready to put a ragtag team on the field against our greatest rival, it has never been more true to say the following: here goes nothing.