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Daily Slop: Bobby Mitchell's House Catches Fire; DHall Mic'd Up; 1 Year Anny of Cerrato Firing

Rex Grossman starting vs Dallas
Lindsay Fox works for channel 5 news and has a lot of contacts within Redskins. We'll know for sure at 3pm. Shanahan as we know is all smoke and mirrors. I put 60% truth into this rumor.

Redskins Hall Of Famer's NW House Catches Fire | | Washington, DC |
Everyone is OK. $26K in damage. (Pics and video).

NFL Videos: Sound FX: DeAngelo Hall
Redskins DB DeAngelo Hall is miked up vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. "We;ll keep be continued."

Redskins Insider - Carlos Rogers ready to return against Cowboys
"I'll be ready to go," Rogers said Thursday. "They're [his hamstrings] a hundred percent. If they was anything less than that, I wouldn't go out there.

Redskins Say Indoor Practices 'Can Be Beneficial'
With Redskins Park snowed and frozen, the team practiced in a HS gym yesterday. The Redskins are the only cold team in the NFL without an indoor facility. Shanahan said it's a 'top priority' for next year. The players see the gym practice as a benefit even Thursdays are supposed to be the most physical practice.

Redskins Insider - Roster analysis: Building depth through the practice squad
Bruce Allen has had success signing practice squad players, and he's secretly been building depth through it. Great article here.

Sources: NFLPA files grievance on behalf of Washington Redskins' Albert Haynesworth - ESPN
The NFLPA will try to get back some of the more than $847,000 in salary Haynesworth could lose since his Dec. 7 suspension for conduct detrimental to the team.

Post-Cerrato: Are Redskins better?
Happy one year anniversary of Cerrato being fired!!!

O'Halloran: Redskins playing time vs. Tampa Bay
Playing time totals and other observations from the Redskins' third straight loss, this one 17-16 to Tampa Bay on Sunday.

When you scramble the letters in Daniel Snyder
Redskins fan: When you scramble the letters in Daniel get "Deadly Sinner"

Tashard Choice, Jason Garrett still have painful memory of disaster fumble vs. Redskins | Dallas Cowboys News 
"It was a poor decision," Garrett said in clipped tones Thursday. "Shouldn't have called the play.

Redskins loss set disastrous tone for Cowboys' season - Houston Chronicle
Cowboys still bitter about that week 1 loss.

Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo becomes engaged to TV sports reporter Candice Crawford - ESPN Dallas
She is a hottie...but this might be th worst picture in the history of boyfriend/girlfriends.

D.C. Sports Bog - Depressing numbers about D.C. sports
Steinberg loves him some negative stats.

Vikings Fans: Enjoy Joe Webb, No Guaranteed Seating, And No Booze
Monday's game at TCF Bank Stadium will be "first-come, first-serve" and there will be no alcohol sold. Also, terrible football.

Video: Michael Vick's first post-prison television commercial - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
Better than I'd thought it'd be.

What Kind Of Dog Will Michael Vick Get?
Yesterday, Vick told an interviewer he'd love to own another dog to help with his rehabilitation. Naturally, Bodog is already taking bets on that dog's breed.

Vikings Fans: Enjoy Joe Webb, No Guaranteed Seating, And No Booze
Monday's game at TCF Bank Stadium will be "first-come, first-serve" and there will be no alcohol sold. Also, terrible football. 

Goodell says labor talks could be done soon. No one believes him. - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
Adam Schefter: "I will grow and wear a mustache for a month" if that happens.

Who Wants To See A Cockatoo Singing That Drowning Pool Song?
We consider this a public service to the five of you who haven't yet seen Lolita the cockatoo singing the WWE classic, "Bodies."

Apocalyptic Teddy-Bear Rain Delays Hockey Game
Fans and players in Calgary were horrified as plushy death rained from the rafters. Scores were killed, maimed, and softly nuzzled to sleep.