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The Thursday Line--NFL Week 15 Picks

With three weeks to go in the NFL season, I have just three more chances to overtake my English nemesis, Lee. I think we need to do an intervention down there in Australia to help out Lee. He simply can't get over the McNabb trade and its impact on us NOT getting Colt McCoy. Let's see if he brings it up again today. (Seriously, if there are any independently wealthy Hogs Haven readers out there, and you want to sponsor a trip to Australia, we can call it "Getting As Far Away From This Season As Humanly Possible").

Our picks after the jump...

Cleveland Browns (+1.5) @ Cincinnati Bengals

Pommylee: I'm going straight back into the fire and I don't care if it is Delhomme starting in place of McCoy this week. In the battle for the title of 2010's worst QB, I think Carson Palmer has Delhomme, Derek Anderson and Jimmy Clausen beat. (Again, I remind everyone, if we did not get McNabb, there is a very real chance Shanahan would have taken Clausen instead of Silverback with the #4 pick.) That being the case, how can you possibly pick the Bengals? Especially when the Browns play hard every week and you know Palmer will hand them at least one Pick 6. Pick BROWNS

Ken: As it turns out, McCoy is playing this week. Marvin Lewis does his best coaching during the final weeks of a losing season. And he has had plenty of practice. I'll take the Bengals at home this week. I see this as a rout by the way, so tease away. Pick BENGALS

New Orleans Saints (+2.5) @ Baltimore Ravens

Pommylee: I just don't trust Joe Flacco yet in big games, while Drew Brees and his Super Bowl performance for the ages makes him cerytrustworthy. In a week with a bunch of really terrible games, this should be a highlight and I think the Saints let everyone know that they are indeed contenders to defend their championship. Pick SAINTS

Ken: I tend to always take the dominant defense from about mid-December and beyond. The thing is, New Orleans has a decent defense and Baltimore is coming off a tough 4th quarter against the Texans. I am happy to take my chances with a Ravens team playing at home in what could be very wintry weather. The Saints are a dome team and could potentially struggle. Pick RAVENS

Philadelphia Eagles (+2.5) @ New York Giants

Pommylee: This should be a cracking game also, which is good because the other NFC East "showdown" is a meaningless affair. Remember the hope we all felt after Week One...I can't believe we all got sucked in yet again, but I digress. The Giants pass rush has to be smart in this game and come from angles to push Vick right. They have the personnel to accomplish this, but I predict that Eli Manning will throw a poorly times interception that will swing the game in the Eagles favour. Pick EAGLES

Ken: I pick against Vick? I don't want to. I see what Dallas did to Philly last week and I feel like the Giants should be able to get their offense going. I guess I'll let Lee give me the third home team in a row this week. Pick GIANTS

Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders (-6.5)

Pommylee: With Aaron Rodgers concussed, I had no line to pick from in the Packers/Patriots game. So I figured I would move on to Jason Campbell, for two reasons. First, I think they will win and second, it lets me rant the following rant: The Broncos are a mess, and let us not forget who was in charge of that this team until 29 games ago. Yes, Cutler and Marshall were big losses, but Shanahan never took either of them to a playoff victory--something we are all used to in Redskins Nation. Shahanan left that defense in shambles and although Mike Nolan did a good patch job for 8 games last year, the lack of talent is starting to show. Also, the quarterback that Shanahan spurned (JC17) is having a pretty good year and playing well at the moment. I watched the Jags game last week and Campbell still seems to have his awful habit of locking on receivers. But overall he played well. Why? Because he is finally in the system Gibbs drafted him to operate in: strong running game, play-action passes and periodic shots downfield. So we gave away that guy (the very definition of "league average QB") for a 4th round pick in 2 years, while trading away Pick 37 in 2010 and a good 2011 pick to get a McNabb in decline for what is increasingly looking like a one year deal. UTTER MADNESS!! Pick RAIDERS

Ken: We need to get down there stat and help Lee out. I love that the current Denver mess is Shanahan's fault. Come on, Lee...Josh McDaniels did himself no favors. That said, the McNabb situation has indeed shaped up as quite the ass-kicker. I would be hard-pressed to put any money on the Broncos, but in the interest of giving me some reason to watch this game, I will gladly take Denver. The closet-Tebow fan inside me is dying to see him start this game. Pick BRONCOS