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Daily Slop: McNabb Highlights Need to Draft DL & OL; McNabbb's Stats are Good

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Jeremy Clark Stats - Washington Redskins - ESPN
Redskins sign DL Jeremy Clark who was released by Cowboys on Sunday. He played 2 games this year for DAL and 4 games in 2008 with NYG. Redskins love signing players that take a year off.

Redskins Roundup: Chris Cooley gives it a nudge " DC Pro Sports Report
Redskins have the 2nd worst punt coverage in the NFL (14.9 yards against per return).

The Curly R: A Washington Redskins Blog: A Picture of Dorian McNabb
A nice, tall glass of Kool-Aid regarding McNabb as our QB.

Redskins Insider - Redskins hold rare practice on artificial turf
With the three grass practice fields at Redskins Park frozen on Wednesday, Coach Mike Shanahan moved practice to the rarely used artificial turf field.

D.C. Sports Bog - What Chris Cooley did after the Bucs game
Anger like a lot of us.

D.C. Sports Bog - McNabb: "You have to start up front"
McNabb sums up Redskins 2000s woes: "And I'm only going by what I've seen and what I've been a part of. You have to start up front, on the defensive line and offensive line. That's where you have to start....You know, you fill in guys outside: the receivers, the linebackers, the safeties, whatever it might be. You fill in [with] the later picks."

YouTube - Week 14 The Mail In
Danny Rouhier mails in Week 14 because he's tired.

Twitter / David Elfin: Elias Sports Bureau says # ...
Elias Sports Bureau says #Redskins will be 1st team in 45-year Super Bowl era to use 4 Punters in conecutive years: Bidwell, Gano, Smith, Paulescu in '10.

Here's my interview with Bill Rohland and Funny Danny on 106.7 THE FAN last night (Segment 1)...

Redskins holder released for botched extra point takes it in stride - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
Hunter Smith: "I don't want to make this too serious -- we are talking about football here -- but it is a moral duty on some level to tell the truth and to take responsibility. And I won't go off too much on my values and things like that, but I believe that I'm a part of a generation, really, the Lawsuit Generation. Everything is somebody else's fault. People that are my age -- and a little younger, and a little older -- want to blame somebody else, and they tend to want to self-protect. And I really reject that as a pattern of behavior, and as a pattern of morality. It's not how I'm going to live my life. When I make a mistake, I'm going to own up to it. And really, that's kind of what all this comes down to."

Chad Rinehart had a good game w/ Bills (H/T milkman41)
Former Washington Redskin Chad Rinehart split time at RG with Cord Howard and comfortably outperformed the rookie offensive lineman. Rinehart registered a +3.0 overall grade on 37 snaps to Howard's -0.8 on 33 snaps. This performance was enough to earn Rinehart the spot full-time at RG for this Sunday's game against the Dolphins in Miami.    

Roger Goodell thinks CBA deal could be done by Super Bowl - ESPN
I don't think so.

Houston Texans' Mario Williams placed on injured reserve - ESPN
Imagine how bad the Texans D will be now??