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Daily Slop: Why the Redskins Run Game Failed 2nd Half (Game Film); Cooley Sounds Off (Again)

McNabb: Will he stay or will he go?
Rich Tandler weighs all the options. Trading McNabb is not out of the question given his contract structure.

Associated Press All-America team includes Cam Newton, LaMichael James - ESPN
Can we draft this entire OLine?

D.C. Sports Bog - Chris Cooley might be getting frustrated maybe
Cooley sheds some light on McNabb's technique that is causing points and smashing his helmet after the missed PAT.

How Ryan Torain Happened - Bucs Nation
Bucs Nation breaks down the zone blocking scheme that was so successful for the Redskins (in the first half at least). Includes some film.

Redskins vs Bucs Offensive Review: Why Torain Disappeared When it Mattered | December
Bucs adjusted and Torain had trouble finding holes.

Redskins Insider - The long road to a successful 3-4 defense
"After actually seeing the scheme, seeing how we're supposed to play, you knew it was gonna be a situation where we still needed to get the right kinda guys in here," said cornerback and defensive co-captain DeAngelo Hall. "Everybody's auditioning to see if they're the right fit." (Umm...WTF).

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Week 14 DVOA Ratings
Redskins moved UP two spots? There's your positive news for the day!!!

mom_daughter | SportsManCave
Picture of Mother and Daughter Redskins tramp stamps. Classy.  I'm pretty sure they're Ken's cousins...although I don't see any cigarette burns.

Phillip Daniels Debuts His Sandwich: The Demolition
"My sandwich has ham, turkey, bacon, avocado slices, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, mayo, olive oil and vinegar, and it's on a wheat sub roll," Daniels says.

Brett Favre won't go on IR yet; Minnesota Vikings hopeful of 2010 return - ESPN
Brett Favre's career isn't quite over yet. Minnesota Vikings interim coach Leslie Frazier says the team is hoping to have Favre back this season -- and possibly this week.