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Redskins Lunchbox, Episode 12 -- Festivus with Bruce Allen... Now Featuring 33% MORE Porn 'Stache

In this week's episode of Redskins Lunchbox, Kevin and I try to get back in the good graces of Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen, by inviting him to celebrate a little Festivus with us. In our Airing of Grievances, we get a lot on the table, before things deteriorate too badly.

It is hard to believe that our last Dallas Week episode of the year came and went without the kind of excitement I had envisioned at the beginning of the season. I guess that is what you get when you are trying to get off the mat after that last game against the Bucs.

Of course we had to talk about special teams, and wouldn't you know it: HUNTER SMITH WAS JUST RELEASED.

SPOILER ALERT: Russ Thaler brings all kinds of heat. Do you hear that sound? Do you hear it? That is the sound of tens of women throwing their panties at their computer screens.

Here is the link to the Comcast Sportsnet site that is airing the video. As soon as we can get the embed code to work, we will update the post with the actual video from here.

2010 we come.

Thanks to Brian Jackson as always and let's not forget to thank Vince as well.