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Daily Slop: Andre Carter & Caps' Jeff Schultz are BFFs (Seriously); Redskins 2007-9 Drafts is the Killer

How Graham Gano Spent His Sunday Evening, And Other Links
"[Gano] headed to Redskins Park and spent the night watching film of each field goal he kicked from the start of the season through the fifth game."

The Official Website of Brian Orakpo - Handling the End of the Season
"We want to be the "Grinch on Christmas" and ruin their parties." (Rak still plans on plying hard).

Hail! Magazine - Issue 15, Volume 1
Fantastic job by Homer McFanboy and the guys this week. There's two can't miss articles. One that goes into intimate detail of Andre Carter and Capitals defenseman Jeff Schultz's close friendship, and Darrel Young's brother who is fighting overseas.

What we've learned, 12-14-10 | Washington Examiner
The Redskins draft classes from 2007-09 are a big reason why this team continues to struggle...Washington had 21 picks in those three seasons combined, and only two of those selections are considered front-line starters (Orakpo & Landry)

D.C. Sports Bog - The Redskins aren't doing very well at home
The Redskins are 2-5 at home this season. That means they will finish without a winning home record for the third straight season. That's only happened three times in 40 years: from 1961-1963, from 1993-1995, and from 2008-2010. ...From 1969 to 1992, the Redskins never finished with a losing record at home. Never. Like, not once. In 24 seasons.

Redskins' problems go far beyond a botched PAT
It would be all too easy to cut the kicker who missed the two short field goals. Or the holder. (Indeed).