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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

1. Well, it finally happened. The tailgate was going so good that we decided to to keep it going. I can't recall how many times over the years I sat in the stadium wishing I was back in the parking lot still enjoying the tailgate. Over the years, my reason for going at all has fluctuated between seeing live football and tailgating with friends that I pretty much only get to see 8-9 times per year (counting our preseason tailgate). Our decision to keep the tailgate going instead of picking it up and going inside was immediately affirmed by the updates we received (we switched between music and the broadcast). It should be noted that technically, your parking pass states that you are supposed to go inside the stadium and catch the game. So I thought that maybe at some point we would be asked to break things down and go inside. But the parking lot folks and the police who patrolled the lots were cool. Nobody hassled us. I guess they figured that we were in enough pain.

2. The lots were VERY empty yesterday.The stadium was VERY empty yesterday. While I contributed to one of those situations, and therefore bear some responsibility, I think it should be mentioned (again, since I can't be the first one who thought this) that indifference is at an all-time high in DC. I have been going to the parking lot for more than 10 years now. I have tailgated through weather TEN TIMES WORSE than yesterday in a lot FILLED with fans ready to get it on. Between the cold rain and the colder play of the team, people have drawn what looks to me to be an unmistakable line in the sand. I am not suggesting that fans won't come back if the product improves, but at this point, it is going to have improve FIRST. I don't see people shelling out the big pesos to come to FedEx much longer with the thought that "this could be the game they break out of it." Unless you're me and you find something spiritual about the tailgating experience, or if you happen to love paying double digit dollar figures for beer, I am not sure what there is for you anymore.

3. My first thought after the missed extra point (which I heard on the radio): "We should get one hell of a good second-round pick." Our first-round slot inched higher as well, but those high 2nd rounders are the true gems of the draft. They are a fraction of the cost of a 1st rounder and they should be starters on Day One. Your move Bruce Allen.

4. God I hope we don't trade that pick away.

5. Is Josh Freeman's hair awful or amazing? I can't decide.

6. I know it is all gloom and doom everywhere after yet another loss in heart-wrenching fashion. And I stand by my policy of not rooting for higher draft picks. I always root for the Redskins to win. Always. That will continue in 2010. But the fact is that these losses do net a positive effect on our 2011 roster. When we missed that game-tying try (or failed to even get the attempt off) the impact on our draft next season was undeniable. I have been screaming for Bruce Allen to draft two offensive linemen at the top of next year's draft. We should have no problem finding a stud O-lineman in the 1st round now. But I am excited about the prospect of having a high 2nd round pick to bring in that second lineman. I think back to last year when the Rams brought in their current starting Left Tackle, Rodger Saffold at the top of the 2nd round. I think back to last year when the 49ers used two mid-1st round picks to get Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati, both of whom are starting on their offensive line. The 49ers and Rams are teams that have had to re-tool their roster a good deal over the last few years, and their commitment to their offensive line at the top of the 1st and 2nd rounds in the last couple drafts is already paying dividends. I struggle to think of a better way to reinvigorate this fanbase than by bringing in TWO starting rookie offensive linemen in 2011.