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Who Played Through the Pain-- Redskins Fans

When Vicks was introduced as our latest sponsor, they suggested we use the space to spotlight players who managed to perform through sickness or injury. We decided to use John Riggins last month and his famous ability to play at a ridiculously high level through hangovers. The Redskins have certainly had their share of tough guys. Countless players have sucked it up and played hurt on countless occasions.

Still, when I think of sucking it up and soldiering on these days, I can't think of a braver lot than the fans that continue to support the Washington Redskins. Few fanbases have been punched in the testicles as often and as hard as this bunch in the last decade. And yet, year in and year out, we manage to renew our love of our favorite team and leave our collective beanbag COMPLETELY exposed for yet another Manny Pacquiao-style beating.

To all of you who show up on this site week in and week out to berate the team, this is for you. If you didn't care, you would not expend the effort to display your emotion.

To all of you out there who continue to sip from the Kool-Aid jug we pass around on Hogs Haven, this is for you. We know you aren't blind or stupid. You just want to enjoy yourselves and sometimes delusion is the best way to accomplish that goal.

To all of you out there who flip on the TV each week, forsaking all things that need to get done on the weekend just so you can watch this team take it up the 5-hole from yet another opponent we are capable of beating, this is for you. Watching bad TV is not an easy thing to do...and lately, Redskins games have been harder to watch than that show where people didn't know they were pregnant.

This weekend the weather is going to be nasty. Temperatures will likely be in the mid-40's at best. It will feel MUCH colder.

Oh, and it is supposed to rain.

For all of you out there who intend to layer up and hit the parking lot on Sunday to prove to the world that nothing Mother Nature can dish out will stop you from enjoying yourself on the holy asphalt that is FedEx Field's parking lot...this is for you.

I'll see you out there on Sunday. Let no man (or woman) leave that parking lot until every keg is empty, every brat is consumed, and every flask is filled up.

Hail to the Redskins (Fans)!!