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Early Handicappers Guide to Buccaneers @ Redskins

First, the weather is going to be bad. REAL BAD. Sunday will be a high of 44 degrees with a 76% chance of rain. Anyone that knows Fedex, subtract at least 10 degrees due to the wind.

Redskins are averaging more points per game (17.9/17.6) than TAM. (Hello under??) Tampa's passing game is actually pretty solid. They convert 3rds, don't turn the ball over, and are generally pretty effective.

Neither the Redskins (20th) nor Tampa (23rd) rank high in total yards. 

Pros Cons
Trent Williams shoulder is MUCH better. Redskins rank 3rd worst in sacks allowed (36)
Only 1 Tampa Bay OL starter is left. They've moved their Guard to Center and both Guards are now rookies. Tampa ranks 9th in sacks allowed (21)
Tampa ranks 30th in defensive sacks. Tampa 3rd best INTs thrown (only 6)
Tampa has a 28th ranked punting net avg Redskins have 30th ranked punt net Avg (33.8). Who likes Hunter Smith?
Tampa is giving up 4.6 yards a carry on defense (Skins still North of 5.0). TAM 3rd least penalized defense (Skins are 26th)
CB Aqib Talib out for the year. Tampa is 5th in Turnover Ratio (+9)
Redskins have dropped to 13th (0)
TAM ranks 21st in Def fumbles recovered
WAS tied for 5th with 11.
Tampa tied 2nd best in INTs (18).
Tampa's last road game was a loss (Ravens 17-10) Dammit, so was ours. And much uglier.

TAM 6-0 Against the Spread on the road this year
TAM 2-0 Against the Spread vs teams with losing records


As always, I'll update this sheet throughout the weekend with injury updates.