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Daily Slop: Devin Thomas (Correctly) Calls Redskins 'Unstable'; Antrel Rolle Blasts Giants Fans for Booing

The Early Lead - Devin Thomas: 'I wasn't up to speed' with the Redskins
"Things are a little bit unstable in Washington, and it didn't work out quite that well there. In Carolina, they have other issues to worry about other than receivers."

Antrel Rolle Not Happy With Booing By Giants' Fans - SB Nation New York
"The booing, honestly, it (ticked) me off. It really did. It (ticked) me off. That's something that I haven't heard since I've been here. ...You don't boo your team."

YouTube - Philip Daniels as Santa Claus

Giants WR Devin Thomas tries to find a home with Giants, prepares to face Redskins |
"I’m just thankful to be somewhere that’s stable," Thomas said. The Giants "have a stable organization, a stable quarterback situation, and so it should be a good opportunity for me to come in and make some plays." (This article suggest Thomas still could play. Big Blue has 8 WRs on their roster right now, some some cuts are looming in the next couple weeks).

New WR Devin Thomas won't play Sunday - Giants Blog - ESPN New York

Five questions facing the Redskins this week, 12/1/10 | Washington Examiner
The Giants feature terrific speed on the edges -- watch out Trent Williams and Jammal Brown -- with Justin Tuck (7? sacks) and Osi Umenyiora (eight sacks). But the Giants also will be creative and aggressive rushing the passer. Twelve players have accounted for the New York's 31 sacks. A big key to winning is keeping the Giants off-balanced

Ex-Redskins Renaldo Wynn Gathers Current Redskins To Give Back

Kornheiser: Johnson avoided suspension due to Thursday game - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
I agree.

High school football players get life lessons from the Washington Redskins
Hundreds of area prep football players get life lessons from current and former members of the Washington Redskins in a forum at FedEx Field.

HomerMcFanboy " reed doughty is gunning for my job