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Handicapping the Rest of the Redskins 2010 Season

Well, it's time to make some predictions. I'm not feeling too good about where our team is out of this BYE week, especially with the Lil Assasin out with knee injury. McNabb is on thin ice of losing his job, which none of us could have predicted, and really, I still have a hard time believing. The BYE week really couldn't have come at a better time. In what was a potential lockerroom-dividing move (BenchGate), all the players were able to get away and avoid the nuclear media fallout. It's somewhat blown over now, but let's peek ahead to our remaining 8 games. As Matt Terl mentioned, Mike Shanahan's regular season record following a bye week is 10-4. That's not as impressive as Any Reid's 12-0, but it's something.

Ken and I are standing by our pre-season predictions of 10-6 (Ken) and 7-9 (me)'s how we got there.

  Ken Kevin
PHI Redskins - WIN.
The Redskins show true progress by coming out of the bye week with a plan and executing well on all fronts. The difference in the game ends up being the play of McNabb, and attributed more than anything else to the rest.
Redskins - LOSS.
Shanahan's last game after a BYE (in 2008) was a 26-17 loss to the Fins although in 2008 after the BYE they squeaked by the Steelers in a home, Sunday Night Football game. No Brandon Banks and 8 weeks of game film of our new system gives Andy Reid the edge.
@TEN Redskins - LOSS.
I respect Jeff Fisher more than just about any coach in the league. I believe this game is winnable, but I think a letdown after the big Philly win combined with a solid performance from the home team on defense allows the AFC South to move to 3-0 against the Redskins.

Redskins - LOSS.
I actually thought about this game for awhile, but I just envision Chris Johnson running wild against a defense that consistently gives up big yardage. Titans are 3-0 out of conference, which is hard to bet against.

MIN Redskins - WIN.
The Vikings are a team in disarray and are spinning out of control despite their OT win over the Cards. Our defense has proven to be adept at creating turnovers, and Brett Favre has proven to be generous at handing them out.
Redskins - WIN.
Vikings are 0-4 on the road. This will not be an easy game, though. Vikings have a ton of play makers on both sides of the ball. Favre loves pickles and I'm making the bold prediction Carlos Rogers gets one.
@NYG Redskins - LOSS.
I am predicting this to be the peak of the Giants’ season. It will all be downhill for them from here, and the unraveling of Eli and Tom Coughlin will be entertaining to all Redskins fans, despite the potential shellacking we may receive in New York for this game.
Redskins - LOSS.
The Giants are really hitting their stride, and we haven't beaten this team since 2007 with Joe Gibbs. What makes this loss extra tough is that I'll be watching it in person.
TAM Redskins - WIN.
The Bucs are good, and could definitely win this game, but I don’t think are so good that you automatically pencil their ‘W’ in here. This is where I think we start to see the Shanahan and McNabb partnership flourish (finally).
Redskins - WIN.
Is McNabb still even our QB at this point? Bucs are definitely surprising, but Mike Alstott is the Redskins killer for Tampa and he's gone.
@DAL Redskins - WIN.
If it was any other 1-13 team, the Skins would lose, but I expect them to take the rivalry seriously and not look past the Cowgirls.
Redskins - WIN.
<<<< What he said. Cowboys stink. I'm going to this game as well.
@JAX Redskins - WIN.
I don’t think we go winless against the AFC South. Jacksonville is capable of beating us, but I think we are playing for a playoff spot in this game, and I predict a much stronger focus from the players than we have seen under former regimes.
Redskins - LOSS.
The Jags are inconsistent but they crush bad teams...which is what the Redskins are at this point. Is Cooley, Portis, Jammal Brown still healthy at this point? Jags will be fighting for a wild card spot and get it done in front of all 13 of their fans.
NYG Redskins - WIN.
The Giants will be resting starters and the Redskins will be playing for the more favorable matchup on Wild Card weekend. We could be facing Sage Rosenfels and a bunch of back-ups.
Redskins - LOSS.
As much I would love to say the Giants are starting all their backups, it's a likely scenario the Eagles and Giants are duking out playoff positions. Who's to say our backup QB isn't playing at this point?
  Redskins 10-6 Redskins 7-9