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Wade Phillips Fired; Cowboys Fans Finally have Something To Cheer About

It has to be said, but the news of Wade Phillips being fired is bad news for Redskins fans. The guy was never going to win anything, which was evident as the Cowboys continually collapsed each post-season. The longer he's coaching that team, the better. It's hard to knock the Cowboys' talent, but Phillips' goofy, confused face on sidelines will be burned in my memory until I'm looking at grass from the wrong side.

I can't imagine trying to Coach a team where I have no control over the draft/roster and hand over all offensive duties to a coordinator that insists on throwing the ball despite an extremely talented back-field.

Wade had lost the locker room and the move had to be done. With Jason Garrett as interim coach, I certainly still have a smile on my face. Jon Gruden is the 3/2 favorite by Vegas to take over the job. Given Gruden's horrible track record of drafting players, let's all get behind this.