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7 ways the 2010 Dallas Cowboys remind me of the 2009 Redskins

How bout them Cowboys?!

We need to take a break from all the BenchGate blow-over to reflect on just how bad things have gotten in Dallas. The Redskins have their own problems but our issues PALE in comparison as to what is going on in Big D. Everything going on there reminds me of the 2009 Redskins.

1.) Clueless Head Coach that has no respect from the players, fans, or media. Check.

2.) Horrible, over-the-hill offensive line. Check.

3.) Bizarre play-calling. Check.

4.) Embarrassing loss on National TV? Check.

5.) Meddling owner that refuses to look in the mirror and realize that his poor drafts, trading of draft picks, and focus on skilled players instead of OLine is the real issue. Check. (Doug Farrar captures all this in a great piece he wrote this morning). 

6.) A QB that is getting battered from unblocked rushes (Campbell at least got up from his...barely though). Check.

7.) Zero running game. Check. (though there's is by choice whereas Zorn's was due to injury and poor blocking/schemes). 

What did I miss? The only thing going for Dallas is that they still have all their 2011 draft picks and an additional 7th round pick they got from the Bolts for Patrick Crayton.