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Catching up with Miss DC 2009, Jen Corey, Talking BYE Week & Redskins

Everyone enjoy their BYE week? I went to a couple Caps games and the Wiz home opener. Man, the Wiz are bad. The Caps looked quite flat last night but that was a solid OT win. So, did any of you do anything fun this past week? Miss DC was able to get down to JMU and spend some time with the sis. I gotta say, it was really nice getting away from the McNabb, having said that, let's start it back up!

What's your prediction for how the rest of the season will play out....8 games to go against some tough teams.

Jen: I think the loss to the Lions was hard for their ego. A nice quality win against the Eagles can catapult them into a nice winning streak. I hope McNabb will use his frustration to prove himself against the Eagles.  

OK...what do you make of all the mess with Benchgate and McNabb/Shanahan? Will this resolve itself?

I think it's a load of bull. Shanahan needs to come clean about what really happen. McNabb is there to win the games in the last two minutes. WTF!?! 

What's a more important quality for a potential guy....cardiovascular endurance or good looks?

hahaha ummm I mean, guess cardiovascular endurance? I'd rather a guy live longer and be ugly than have him look good and die of a heart attack at 25.  

You're in a sinking ship and can only save TWO people...who would you pick and why? (Donovan McNabb, your cat, Mike Shanahan, Taylor Swift, LaRon Landry, and Justin Timberlake) 

Ok, I hate cats, so that one's out. I'll definitely save Shanahan because we kind of need him. I'd then save McNabb since his cardiovascular endurance isn't so good . Then I guess I'd just hope that Landry can save Taylor and Justin himself. :)  

At this point I think I'd only throw the life saver to Landry...and maybe Taylor Swift. World needs hotties.