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Your The GM for the 2011 Draft

Since we are on a bye, I figured we could have a little fun with a made-up scenerio that my less-than-genius mind has concocted. It does of course present some relevence, since our constant discussion of the 2011 draft will be put to the test in this ultimate exercise of "GM for the Day".

I will present you with four almost real scenerios, and you must then choose the one you feel would be the best for our Redskins.

Present your arguements for or against any scenerio you feel will be relevant.

In both of these scenerios, the ageless wonder Joey Galloway has retired, McNabb has been extended for 2 years, Rabach has been released, Portis is no longer with the team, and the O-Line otherwise remains the same. Maclolm Kelly enters the offseason the healthiest he has ever been in his pro career. On defense, we keep a happy and motivated Haynesworth, Rogers was re-signed, and Fletcher is all set to give it another season.

We finished the season at 8-8, and have the # 15 pick in the NFL draft. We have a 1st and 2nd, and then don't pick again until the 5th.

Knowing what we already have on the team, and on the practice squad, here are your scenerios.

Key FA signings:

Logan Mankins OG Patriots

Aubrayo Franklin NT 49ers

Champ Bailey CB Broncos

Tamba Hali OLB Chiefs

Scenerio #1:

1st round - Julio Jones WR Alabama (6-4 215 4.5 40)

2nd round - Stefen Wisniewski G/C PSU (6-3 305)

Scenerio #2:

1st round - Mike Pouncy C Florida (6-4 310)

2nd round - Joseph Barksdale OT LSU (6-5 315)

Scenerio #3:

1st round - Jake Locker QB Washington (6-3 230)

2nd round - Marvin Austin DT N Carolina (6-3 305)

Scenerio #4:

1st round - Demarco Murray RB Oklahoma (6-1 215 4.4 40)

2nd round - Malcolm Floyd WR Notre Dame (6-3 227 4.5 40)