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Phillip Daniels vs Anthony Armstrong - Who's the Better Roaster?

Oh man. Today has been one of the better twitter days I can remember in a long time. Despite some fantastic videos from @FunnyOrDie and @JimmyTraina, two Redskins decided to take some playful jabs at each other...hilarity ensues.

In the Offense corner: Anthony Armstrong jokes about Phillip Daniels' old age.
In the Defense corner: Phillip Daniels jokes about Anthony Armstrong's young age.

@MrArmstrong13 Looking back on the first half of the season, I'm proud of my team and my personal performance. We have lots to improve on, and we'll do it

Ok now go back and get in your crib. Lol

@P_Daniels93 @MrArmstrong13 Just don't want you to crawl on then hurt youself and social services try to take you away.
@MrArmstrong13 I will if u move your walker, cane, and your orthopedic shoes!!
@P_Daniels93 @MrArmstrong13 Just don't want you to crawl on then hurt youself and social services try to take you away.
@MrArmstrong13 @P_Daniels93 Im gonna get you that "Ive fallen and cant get up" necklace for Christmas
@P_Daniels93 Guess @MrArmstrong13 had to take his midday nap after I changed his diaper and cleaned his nose. Baby wipes don't work on him so I had to use sand paper. All clean now.
@MrArmstrong13 @P_Daniels93 Naw, had to run to the pharm to get your meds and Depends. Those prunes keep your regular
@P_Daniels93 @MrArmstrong13 Boy stop!!!! You can't even see over the counter or talk yet. How they gonna understand goo goo ga ga.
@MrArmstrong13 @P_Daniels93 No need to talk when you've been going to the same spot for 35 years!!
@MrArmstrong13 @P_Daniels93 Fell asleep in his rocking chair again. Take out the dentures and everyone hush. Shhhh
@P_Daniels93 @MrArmstrong13 Enfamil or Similac. You threw up the breast milk.
@MrArmstrong13 @P_Daniels93 Old westerns or Golden Girls, you know you loooooove Betty White!!!
@P_Daniels93 @MrArmstrong13 Come try on your new OshKosh. Hope you like pink and purple.
@P_Daniels93 @MrArmstrong13 And just for that you get powdered milk tonight instead of whole cow milk.
@P_Daniels93 @MrArmstrong13 Sponge Bob or Little Bill. Dang you stank again. Where's the sand paper and diapers.
@MrArmstrong13 @P_Daniels93 Spongebob please LOL
@MrArmstrong13 Breaking News! @P_Daniels93 Played ball with 75% of the Top 100 Greatest Players of all time! Way to go Phil!!
@P_Daniels93 Breaking news: @MrArmstrong13 Tried to sneak onto a United Airlines flight inside the luggage of @P_Daniels93. Officials first thought he was a toy. When ask why @P_Daniels93 said that he was a child traveling with grown men and needed him to play in game. He is not old enough to have a license and nobody would claim him as their child.
@MrArmstrong13 @P_Daniels93 is one of the few Americans that can tell you about both the Depression and the Recession... #ageiswisdom
@P_Daniels93 @MrArmstrong13 It was fun man. Nothing but respect for you. Keep up the good work and enjoy the rest of bye week.
@MrArmstrong13 @P_Daniels93 You too, Im bout to go talk to my old HS football team