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The Thursday Line -- NFL Week 9 Picks

I promised I would close the gap last week and I did. I now stand 21-23 against Pommylee, and after this week, I am hoping to re-take the lead. The entire mainland of Australia is holding its breath I am told. With an all-expenses paid trip to Bondi Beach hanging in the balance, I need to get ahead and build a cushion. But I need to buy some time and keep it close. Lee is too professional of a gambler for me to take head on at 8 games a week. This week, I am just going to take the opposite side of Lee's picks and call it a day. You'll see why if you read on.

Pommy's picks after the jump.


Chargers (-2.5) @ Texans 

I think ever since the classic "Lord of No Rings" statement came out, a few of the players who already hated A J Smith have used it as an excuse to check out for the season. This is still a game between two uber-soft teams.  So when neither team has any heart, you take the one with more talent and in this case that's San Diego. Pick Chargers 

Dolphins (+4.5) @ Ravens

For some reason I really like this Miami team-they are well-coached and they spend their money on the un-sexy but important positions like O-Line and Middle LB's.  Dansby is a beast.  On the flip side, I just don't like Flacco. I have no real justification for it...I just get this vibe that they win in spite of him more than they win because of him.  Plus the Dolphins can't lose on the road and they deserved to beat Pittsburgh. So with them getting the  4.5 headstart and all their games other than NE being close affairs, my pick has to be...Dolphins. 

Bears @ Bills (+3.5) 

Long time readers know my hatred of Jay Cutler. Many of you know I have a gambling rule never to bet on games involving Cutler because he will always choose that game to play his one good game of the year. And if you bet on him he will be his usual 4 INT self.  I also fear that even though the Bills are playing well, they have forgotten how to win. This is a real phenomenon that happens to sports team in all sports all over the world.  Still, if Cutler is his normal self they won't need to remember how to win, becauses Cutler will force something stupid into triple coverage and hand them the win anyway.  Pick Bills 

Steelers (-4.5) @Bengals 

Pittsburgh is good, and they are smarting after a tough loss and thus will be fired up for a Monday Night Football TV game. They do not want to be embarrassed two weeks in a row on national TV.  On the other hand, Cincy is woeful. Well, that's not fair, they have a lot of good players who play hard.  BUT, Carson Palmer is woeful and he undoes all their other good work.  They could not have set this line high enough.  Palmer will have 4 picks and the Steelers will win by 20+ points.  Pick Steelers

I love how a dude who lives in Australia is so into the NFL (again, he is British, not American). Lee, I salute you, but you must go down this week. I am betting you get the Steelers game right and that is it, which will tie us up.