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Jake Plummer Weighs in on BenchGate - And This Makes Sense

"You better step up your cardio vascular endurance son!!!"
"You better step up your cardio vascular endurance son!!!"

I could really care less what all the pundits and big-headed egos like Freddie Mitchell, Colin Cowherd, and Skip Bayless have to say about McNabb since they've never worked in DC or under Shanahan, but you know who I will listen to? Jake Plummer. He played four years under Shanahan and then Offensive Coordinator Gary Kubiak (who was Kyle Shanahan's boss last year in Houston):

"I had a coach that, regardless of how well I thought I was playing or how well the majority of fans across the country thought I was playing, it was never good enough for him," Plummer said, not bitter but very matter-of-fact. "And that kind of gets frustrating.It just seemed like every game I could have completed these four more passes or these five more shots here and it would have been perfect. And that just wasn't my personality... But Shanahan wanted perfection and he wore a lot of us down there."

"I think Shanahan is still searching for John Elway. Somehow, someway, he thinks there's going to be another guy like John Elway. He coached a team to almost perfection [with Elway] so he wanted that again, he wanted that every time we went out there. It's just not realistic." [Yahoo]

This makes a lot of, does Rex Grossman remind anyone of John Elway? Haha (I literally had to pause for 10 seconds to stop laughing just now). 

(And just to spite JimmyK, this post was sponsored by the Ameritel Triplets..."We Know Quality Copies")