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Daily Slop: Redskins Recruiting Top College QBs; Trent Green & Kurt Warner Latest to Sound Off

Redskins have long-term concerns about Donovan McNabb - Peter King -
The Redskins were among the teams that scouted the Washington-Stanford game Saturday in Seattle. I don't want to make too much of that, but with Andrew Luck and Jake Locker as first-round prospects, it's interesting, and perhaps telling (perhaps, I stress), that a team with Donovan McNabb in-house would be scouting a game with two quarterbacks likely to go high in the April draft.

Reports: Ex-Jaguar Matt Jones declines to try out for Washington Redskins |
Said he would retire. Kurt Warner: McNabb benching ‘doesn’t make sense’
Warner: "I think it does lead to questions of ‘why’ in the locker room. If you take out your leader and the guy that you’ve really built this team around this year, and you take him out in the two‑minute drill and say, ‘We don’t have the confidence in you in this kind of situation to win a game for us,’ I think it raises some questions as to where they’re going and what the leadership of that team is. I wonder if it raises questions to the teammates and in the locker room on why that was done. Trent Green: ‘I would be furious’ in McNabb’s shoes "
Trent: "If you're healthy enough to start, you're healthy enough to run the two minute offense."

D.C. Sports Bog - What was Kyle Shanahan saying on the sidelines?
Clearly he is saying, "What the heck is that?" in regards to McNabb. Great investigative journalism by the Bog.

D.C. Sports Bog - Larry Michael chimes in on McNabb's benching
Fresh batch of Kool-Aid for the haters. I'm sipping from it....a win vs Philly and being 3-0 in the division will end a lot of this.

Front Row Lap Dance At The Cowboys Game
Something about that new Cowboys Stadium causes fans to get down and dirty. Word of advice: if a $10 Miller Lite gets a girl to do this, she's not the kind of girl you want.