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Daily Slop: Redskins Players Already Talking About Playing for Jobs; Fred Davis Opens Up

Quick notes: Shanahan playing the hush game on who will start at RG and RB.

Redskins Insider - No timetable for LaRon Landry's return
"I can't tell you for sure until he gets out of the boot," Coach Mike Shanahan said Monday at Redskins Park. "When that's gonna be, I'm not really sure." (I wouldn't be surprised if he gets shut down for the year if we lose to the Giants).

Redskins Insider - Mike Shanahan stands behind Perry Riley
"He's gonna learn as time goes on," Shanahan said. "But that effort he gave was full speed."

DeAngelo Hall Says That Every Week Is An Audition
"They check out [on plays], they won't be here," Hall said, still matter-of-fact. "That's kinda where we're at." (You can't say that's not the Redskins throwing in the towel for the season, but it is to me).

HomerMcFanboy " hail magazine: Fred Davis opens up on playing behind Cooley and USC's violations
"[Cooley's] the guy getting paid the big money," Davis continued. "He’s the guy who has made a name for himself as a Redskin. That’s just the way it goes. I’m not going to sit around and cry about it. I’ve just got to do what I can to be ready so when I get a chance, I make the most of it. I’m either going to do it here, or eventually I’ll end up on another team that needs me more. I’ve just got to continue to prove to everyone that I can do it."

Giants don't expect injured players back this week
Don’t expect any reinforcements to be taking the field Sunday when the Giants face the Redskins. None of the five injured offensive starters are expected to be healthy.

Redskins Blitz Package - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Everyone is thinking what we are...start Will Montgomery at RG.

Redskins cite history to prove they can run table - Sports Breaking News -
"It has happened before," CArlos Rogers said. "And we've got some of the same players. It doesn't have nothing to do with it now, but we know that we're still capable of doing it. We've just got to do it."

Twitter / Jason La Canfora: Frank Gore out for season with a hip injury.
Add Westbrook in fantasy now.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals - Recap - November 29, 2010 - ESPN
Brian Westbrook rushed for 136 yards and a touchdown in place of the injured Gore. Should the Redskins maybe have offered him more money? I'm holding judgement until I see him run against a better team.

Cardinals QB Derek Anderson blows up at reporter after MNF loss - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
I watched this game last night. Anderson has no business being an NFL QB. Horrible telegraphed pass after telegraphed pass. He should have had 5 interceptions last night.