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Daily Slop: Heath Shuler Wins Again; McNabb Benching Almost Came Weeks Ago

Redskins' Playing Time Vs. Lions
All of the Lions sacks were on 4-man rushes. You can't win games or throw the ball with success with constant pressure from only 4 guys. Andre Carter OLB experiment is all but over.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Week 8 DVOA Ratings
Redskins somehow move up 2 spots after losing to a 1-5 team.

Redskins Insider - Statistical analysis: History says benching Donovan McNabb was a mistake

Shanahan's Next Excuse - Dog Ate McNabb's Playbook -

Election Day: Jon Runyan, Heath Shuler winners; Chris Dudley in close race for Oregon governor - ESPN
Former NFL lineman Jon Runyan won election to Congress in New Jersey. Heath Shuler also won.

Donovan McNabb speaks out as Washington Redskins try out JaMarcus Russell - ESPN
Mort: "Redskins thought about benching McNabb after Eagles game despite just never got out."

Why I no longer read Michael Wilbon

D.C. Sports Bog - John Wall dances through introductions
Not even Ken's 'Dougie' can beat this version.