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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays

1. It is time to point out the obvious: We are simply not that talented of a football team.

2. You can overcome a lot of things on "any given Sunday." But a lack of talent is going to bite you in the rear just about every time. This is not to suggest we are not capable of winning games like the one we were in yesterday. But when you need everything to align perfectly just to have a chance, and for a moment it can't get called for holding.

3. I love Brandon Banks. When he is back to receive a kick, the whole stadium--including fans of the opposing team--watches breathlessly to see what he will do.

4. For all you guys out there who nail our receivers (specifically Anthony Armstrong) for falling after the catch, let me just say that I though it was obvious that Donovan McNabb underthrew him on the 50-yard bomb. It should have been a touchdown. But I will take the big play. What stinks is that on the very next play, they ran a good-looking 8-yard out to Armstrong on the opposite side of the field and had it wide open. Armstrong dropped it. Now THAT is something that deserves to be railed on today.

5. So 10-6 is not looking so good right now...

6. Shaun Suisham's line yesterday: Good from 45, 46, 48 and 41 yards--the last one in OT. All I have to say to Pittsburgh fans today is: Suisham has you right where he wants you. When you need a 25-yarder to win the game when it counts in January, watch out. You will say, "But he hit FOUR 40+ yarders in November!" That guy is worse for your heart than a bag of Funyuns.