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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Vikings Redskins Handicappers Guide

Vikings have not won on the road yet this year. I cannot bet against that, and I won't, but there's zero reason AP and Harvin shouldn't shred our defense.



We're wearing the gold pants.

LaRon Landry is out.

Vikings are 0-6 on the road.

Redskins are ranked #32 against the rush. Vikings need to be tested for down syndrome if AP doesn't get 35+ touches today. Vikings are 10th best rushing team at 4.5 a carry.

Brett Favre is starting even though the Redskins defensive line rank dead last again mobile QBs.

Redskins get shredded by fast WRs. Percy Harvin is poised to have a huge day.

Rocky McIntosh and Lorenzo Alexanders are a go.

Redskins rank 31st in punt net average (33.2).

Vikings have the worst NFL turnover ratio in NFL -13. Favre's NFL worst 17 pickles help that.

Redskins are giving up NFL worst 411 yards per game and only 2 weeks ago Favre threw for 446 yards  vs Arizona.

Vikings rank 29th in points scored at 17.2. Wow, Carolina is only averaging 11.7. And I thought last year was bad for us.

Favre is 4-0 vs the Redskins.

Vikings rank 26th in sacks with only 17.0. The Williams are not what they used to be. Pray to baby Jesus that holds true today against our terrible Center & Guard play.

Vikings have 10 Pro Bowlers on their roster. Be very wary of this team.

Vikings lost their starting Right Guard for the year. 5-year vet Ryan Cook steps in.

McNabb is 4-2 head to head versus Favre. This stat is worthless since he was obviously with Philly.

Vikings Center has been battling a calf injury all year. ZERO reason Haynesworth should not be seeing every snap like he did in Chicago vs that horrible OLine.

Favre's career vs DC is 4 TDs and 8 INTs (though he's won all 4 starts).

The betting line opened at -3 and is now -1. To move a spread that much says a lot. When does Vegas ever take a bath?

We're wearing the gold pants.

Brett Favre has the flu.

Joey Galloway was FINALLY waived. Terrence Austin activated. Shotgun a beer for me for those at Fedex Field. Bitter I'm not there.

Expect to see a lot of Kevin Barnes at Safety today. Macho Harris is inactive. Hicks and Rabach will play. I didn't know whether to put that a Pro or Con so it's down here.