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Redskins: Sprint Game Ball of the Week Goes To...

Geez. Who do we award a game ball to this week?

  • Kory Lichtensteiger for taking a punch in the face that awarded his team a huge 15 yards and a 1st down in OT?
  • Jeff Fisher for not putting Vince Young back in the game?
  • McNabb for throwing 376 yards, 1 TD, and posting his 2nd highest QB rating of the year with 81.8?
  • Santana Moss with his 3rd 100-yard game and a TD?

Ideally, everyone on the OLine that was still left standing would get one, but this is an individual award. Kemoeatu certainly gets an honorable mention since he did a good job of holding his gaps in the middle allowing LBs to hold the edges on the outside.

I think it's a no-brainer Mike Shanahan gets the ball.

Real Men of Genius salutes you Mr. Ego Shanahan. Despite still having a chubby for John Elway and forcing every QB to be exactly like him, you finally adjusted your play-calling to better suit McNabb's strengths.

How much did our offense look more like the 2008 Eagles? Short passes, dink and dunks, and the occasional chance down field...not to mention this team played through injuries and the nationally televised embarrassment the week before.