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Redskins Lunchbox: Vikings Preview & Donovan McNabb Interview

From my earlier post today, I mentioned the interviews I was able to do at the event last night. I happened to catch Donovan McNabb right before he headed into the party, and by his body language, you'd think it was 4 minutes after the Eagles loss. It was clear he was in no mood to do interviews, even though none of my questions had anything to do with Haynesworth or the Redskins for that matter. Anyway, it's in there.

Ken couldn't make this week's filming so Comcast SportsNet anchor, Mike Jenkins, filled in. Mike obviously hadn't seen slap fight before, but he found out quickly the rules when it was my turn to slap. 

Big thanks as always to Russ Thaler, Mike Jenkins and producers Brian Jackson and Vince Baccerelli.