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Video Interviews with Fred Davis, Graham Gano, and Reed Doughty


Last night was the launch party for a new social media site Tanner Cooley is heavily involved with called I'm really surprised no one came through with idea this sooner, but it's a good one. In short, players can post anything want to the site - Video diaries, etc, or, the production crew for SportsBuzz will setup bits, similar to the footage they have of LaRon Landry's monkey, Gucci, running around the house. Currently on the homepage they have a video featuring Casey Rabach talking about hunting. The NFLPA has endorsed it, which is a huge step for the company. I spoke with the CEO, Ray Cohen, for an extended period last night about getting involved. One idea I had was a Field Goal kicking contest with Graham Gano where he had to kick in a ski boot to level the odds. Graham said he'd still win no problem. I'm not so sure.

The other interesting hidden feature with Sports Buzz is that each player has their own account (similar to Facebook) where they can message each other privately. Anyway, several Redskins attended the event last night including McNabb, Chris Cooley, Jarmon, Doughty, Fred Davis, Graham Gano, Clint Oldenburg, and LaVar Arrington. I decided to have some fun with the players asking questions like: "What's worse...DC traffic or the media?" and "Who's more intimidating, Kyle Shanahan or Elmer Fudd?", and "Is Rusty Smith your Madden Quarterback?" Enjoy.

Oh, and RVAParks, I asked Graham about that kick that fell short in the 4th quarter. All that talk you wish you had Rob Bironas you should that we have some facts.

Note: I was able to get 3 questions in with McNabb. That interview will be part of this week's Redskins Lunchbox.