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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Things I Wish I We Could Make Haynesworth Do


So, after Haynesworth's comments this week, "I will always be a Titan at heart...I can't deny that" and his lay down, Haynesworth obviously would rather play for them and not us. Will he play hard for us today? Who knows, but given everything he's put us through, I'd want to embarrass him to all hell. Here's what I'd like to do...

  • Make him do the conditioning test runs on the sidelines all game.
  • Lay out a King Size mattress with 6 Costco-sized boxes of Mike Duds scattered around the bed.
  • Simpsons chalk board ala picture above
  • With the game being in Nashville, Setup a mini-stage behind the Redskins bench where he'd have to sing Dolly Parton's "Workin...9-5" on repeat the whole game.    
  • Setup a table for him to write apology cards to every Redskins fan in the nation.

All kidding aside, Redskins have 3 RBs active today: Portis, Keiland WIlliams, and Chad Simpson. Adderson Russell will start at Safety in place of Landry. Wow, what happened to Reed Doughty? Artis Hicks is also out...Will Montgomery will start. Here's a picture of what unis we're wearing today courtesy of Matt Terl.