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Redskins vs Titans Game Preview; Landry and Rogers Not Playing

Redskins @ Titans Pros/Cons List



Titans are 2nd worst passing team in NFL.

LaRon Landry and Carlos Rogers did not make the trip to Nashville. Kevin Barnes will see some action.

Titans ranks 31st in Time of Possession 26:05 (WAS 27th 28:24)

Redskins defense ranks 32nd in NFL giving up 5.0 yards a carry.

Titans are 6th most penalized offense in NFL (WAS #10) and 2nd most penalized defense in NFL (WAS #9)

Redskins defense ranks 32nd in rushes 40+ yards. Titans tied for first rushing 40+ with 4.

Titans pass defense ranked 25th.

Redskins are coming off short week. Were off on Tuesday and did not practice in pads on Wednesday to further help players recover.

Center Eugene Amano is a weak link. The Eagles defenders were consistently pushing him backwards. This is a good game to let Haynesworth loose every play.

Titans rank 3rd in NFL with 27 sacks, and with our OLine, that's a big problem.

Brandon Banks will see some looks on the offense. Expect screens and plays that can get him ball in space (ie- not the middle of the field).

Titans 12-0 their last 12 games vs NFC. Already swept the other 3 NFC East teams this year.

Roydell Williams is now ahead of Galloway on the depth chart. I list this as a con because they both suck equally.

Redskins are giving up a 28th ranked 25 sacks. Artis Hicks may not play. Will Montgomery would start in place.

Advantage: Titans (by a long shot). Two of our best defenders are out.

Titans Tight End Craig Stevens likely won't play, which means the athletic 2nd year, 6'5" Jared Cook will get action. Redskins cannot sleep on him.

Mike Lombardi and Brian Baldinger spent a good 5 minutes breaking film down on the Redskins the last several games. The big issue they highlighted was the defensive line. No one can hold their blocks and time after time running backs are running wild. They showed multiple plays where Haynesworth got knocked to the ground when a 2nd offensive lineman engaged from the side. They then showed clips of Shaun Rogers holding the middle with 2-3 blockers and LBs came in to make the tackle for no gain. The Titans Center is horrible at blocking so keep an eye on that mactchup.

Lombardi then flipped to the offensive line and it was equally depressing. Constant pressure from both sides where Trent and Heyer were biting on outside fakes and the defender bulled right into McNabb.

I'll do a post on this later this week, but in the % of plays against our defense, it's almost 2/1 where opponents throw the ball and rush the ball in the middle of the field than the sides - a clear indication no one respects our DLine.

Since this will be rough, let's make a contest out of this: Closest to guessing Chris Johnson's total yards from scrimmage (rushing and receiving) WITHOUT going over wins this shirt


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