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Redskins Finally Have a WR Over 6' Tall; UFL WR Taurus Johnson Signed to Practice Squad

Here's the updated (but not full) list of players the Redskins worked out today courtesy of Jason LaCanfora:

JP Losman, Taurus Johnson, Chad Jackson, Jamarcus Russell, Charles Grant, William Joseph, Justin Miller, Ty Hill, and WR Bobbie Williams.

Taurus Johnson was a 4-year WR at Sout Florida. He was originally signed by Kansas City as an undrafted free agent last season, and he spent parts of the 2009 season on Detroit and Miami's practice squads. He was waived by Miami on August 12, 2010 and signed by Cleveland on August 16, 2010, but saw no time and ended up playing in the UFL catching 2 TDs.

Grant Paulsen reported that WR Chad Jackson, formerly of the Patriots and Broncos, was brought to Redskins Park to tryout as well but wasn't signed since he is not practice squad eligible. I have an idea, how about sign him and cut Galloway or Roydell Williams. 6'1, 223 lbs, 25 years old and has played in the NFL for 3 years (two under Belichick) he's used to playing under stubborn coaches.