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JaMarcus Russell Working Out with Redskins. Hopefully at Right Tackle.

Via Houston Fox:

NFL sources told FOX 26 Sports former Oakland Raiders quarterback JaMarcus Russell will work out Tuesday for the Washington Redskins...For three months, Russell has been working with former NBA head coach John Lucas in Houston in an effort to get a second chance in the NFL. Lucas, who had his own share of off-the-court-issues as a player, is nationally known for working with troubled athletes.

Man, the Redskins just can't seem to get anything right. If this story is true, the percentages of McNabb and those draft picks walking out the door keep going up. Insult to injury, literally. Both Michael Wilbon (friend of McNabb) and Chris Russell (Redskins beat writer for ESPN 980) said there is no chance McNabb is coming back to DC based on the sources they talked to. 

Is Russell's cardiovascular endurance better than McNabbs? OK...have at it. It should be noted there other QBs they are working out too. I will update the post with names when I get them. 

(H/T @chasehughes)