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Daily Slop: Former Teammate Tim Hasselbeck Latest To Scrutinize McNabb's Practice Habits

Tim Hasselbeck says McNabb's bad practice habits go way back |
"I was a teammate of Donovan McNabb's in Philadelphia," Hasselbeck said on Mike and Mike in the Morning. "One of the things that drove them crazy in Philadelphia was the lack of tempo at which he practiced. . . . It was always something where you're leaving the quarterback meeting and it would be, 'Hey, listen, the head man wants a little more tempo today.' Nearly every single day. That's been the deal with Donovan McNabb. I know exactly what Mike Shanahan is talking about."

D.C. Sports Bog - Shanahan's decision to bench McNabb: still unpopular
Steve Young: I think you can take it however you want, but know this: Donovan McNabb needs to pick it up or Mike Shanahan will keep looking...and that's the warning shot right there."

D.C. Sports Bog - Shanahan's benching of McNabb not too popular
Cris Carter, ESPN Radio: "If you trade for a guy in April who's played 11, 12 seasons in the NFL, and you can't teach him the two-minute drill by the time we get to the middle of the season, then you would have to be one of the worst coaches in the history of football."

D.C. Sports Bog - McNabb in the clutch
Statistically, McNabb is not clutch.

Redskins Insider - Shanahan says Lichtensteiger is worthy of playing time
"Kory's been playing well, very well," Shanahan said. "If Dock was the best player, he'd been in there.

Mike Shanahan not happy with how Donovan McNabb practices |
Mortensen calls Shanahan's displeasure with McNabb "The worst-kept secret in the league." After Sunday's benching, it's not a secret at all.

HomerMcFanboy " honeymoon is over for shanahan
You’re finding out firsthand that as quickly as D.C. fell in love with you, the infatuation can end just as fast. The mushy phase is long gone and what you’re left with now is a fractured relationship. If you’re going to make this work, then you’re going to have to improve your communication skills.

Source: New England Patriots guard Logan Mankins to sign RFA tender - ESPN Boston
Patriots guard Logan Mankins will report to New England on Tuesday and sign his restricted free agent tender worth $1.54 million, a league source said Monday night.

How Randy Moss quitting on a play led to his release by Vikings - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
The play Moss quite on was what got Favre hit.