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Charles Mann Explains Why the Pass Rush Is So Miserable & Personally Offers Help

charles mann
charles mann

In the earlier posts, I spoke with Charles regarding his effort to teach financial advice to youngsters. By the end of the call, we were really getting into the Redskins problems, which is all below. This is some fantastic stuff from #71. Mann, in detail, explains what's wrong with our pass rush, including Rak, and sends a message to the Redskins staff that he is willing to teach these guys the true fundamentals of pass rushing that the NFL currently lacks. 

I know you had a brief chance to talk to Orakpo, and only recently have the alumni been reunited with the organization, but have any other players seeked your advice?

Charles Mann: "No. The only guy that I've also been talking with is Andre Carter. Andre's really been reaching out to me. You know, he's been having a tough time adjusting to this system and at times seems lost out there. He's been reaching out to me like a big brother. 'What do I do? How do I work through this? Have you even been in a situation like this before?' Those kinds of questions. And I really appreciate it. I have a lot of bottled up information to give to any listenting ear. But I'm not going to force myself on anybody."

Rak and Carter have so many rushes with no hands in the dirt and it's not working. It drives me nuts. Why is the pass rush so pathetic?

"Please print this. I would, if asked, come out to Redskins Park and I would come out weekly and train or help  them get it down on how to rush the passer. When I came to the team it was Dexter Manley and Tony McGee. Tony ended up with 115 career sacks and Dexter with ninety...whatever it is. 98.

And they knew how to rush the passer. And so I got right up in their grill and I said, "Show me, teach me"...and Tony McGee was really helpful and showed and taught me some stuff, and I watched them rush the passer and that's how I learned. Who's teaching Orakpo and who taught Andre Carter? No one."

Both of these guys had 11 sacks last year though.

"I know, but let me tell you this. Yes, they of will and determination. But I watched a lot of those sacks. And those sacks aren't coming off of pass rush moves. They're coming off beating a guy around the corner. Or sometimes no one blocked him. Missed Assignment. I NEVER got one of my 83 sacks off a missed assignment. Not one. Every one of mine I had to fight through at least one blocker to get to the QB. This day and age it's missed assignments and LBs run scot-free to the Quarterback and knock him out, and then get up bumping their chest. Well, you had a free run. Nobody blocked you!"

 Well, that sums up the Redskins OLine. Jail breaks.

"Yea. I never got a sack like that. My point is, I would come out to Redskins Park if asked. I would come out there. I'm not going to do it for free. Sorry, but I would come out and first of all dig up my films and show them moves and see actual pass rush moves and demonstrate those moves in a 3/4 speed setting and show them how to rush the passer. And the speed rush is one move, but you should have three or four others. Combinations of moves you have. I don't see a swim, a rip, a club, a hump move (like Reggie White had - nobody can do that.) I don't see any of those moves. Spin moves like my man in Indy [Freeney]. Nobody's got moves anymore. They just try to run around the corner and lower than the linemen and beat him around the corner."

If the Redskins don't want to pay you, I'll get a PayPal account setup where fans can donate to a fund.

"(laughing) And I would do it. I would love to do it. And it would be my pleasure to do it. To help these guys. And that's just one aspect. I can't teach the Offensive Line how to block or show the WRs how to get separation, but I can do my part in giving the information I have to the Defensive Linemen and Defensive Ends.

Plus, the OLine will practice better if the DLine is better.

"True, but this is a team issue where a lot of things need to be improved. And they know that. I'm not saying anything that's Earth shattering. I'm not piling on or jumping on these guys. I know they're out there working their butts off and trying as hard as they can.

When we would lose games and we'd embarrass ourselves a few times over my 12 years, we'd go back to basics. Joe Gibbs, when all else failed, he'd always go back to basics. And the basics are blocking and tackling and catching and throwing. All those things you take for granted when you're winning you go back to those b/c we weren't winning. It's a smart model."     

Some powerful stuff. First, we all know Andre Carter fits this 3-4 defense as well as a black glove fits O.J. Andre has said all the right things to the media, but it's clear he's unhappy with his role in this defense. All over the field the Redskins have been using players against their strengths. Haynesworth, Landry last year, heck...Landry Monday night vs Philly. 

All summer the Redskins talked about having the alumni involved with the current players. Was that just to stir up fans emotions and help push club-level tickets, or is there a real desire to surround our players with winners? Haslett and Shanahan, to me, are not the types of coaches to bring in ex-Redskins they do not know. Shanahan of course brought in lots of his veterans players like Terrell Davis, but please, use a 4x Pro-Bowler that lives blocks from the facility.

And this is a 2-way street. Players can always approach the alumni. The problem there is Rak was 3 when Mann was winning his Super Bowls. So, please, Redskins management, use the resources at hand.

Only Bruce Allen can bridge this gap.