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Charles Mann Educates High School Students on Financial Preparedness

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When it comes to the most beloved Redskins, Charles Mann, for sure is in my top 5. He won 3 Super Bowls with the Redskins and has been a pillar in the DC community since he retired. Here's a list of the charities he's worked with over the years: National Kidney Foundation, United Way and the Ronald McDonald House Charities, The Border Babies Foundation, the "Read And Achieve Program," "Why School is Cool" Program, The Metropolitan Boys and Girls Clubs, Children's Hospital, The Children's Cancer Foundation and President Clinton's National Service Initiative Committee.

In his latest endeavor, he's giving financial advice to High School kids. Matt Terl was there and has a fantastic write-up from the event. I included a video from the day after the jump as well.

I'm horrible with money, not just out of college but even today. How did the kids take it in?

Charles Mann: "Based on a couple emails we got today, the kids received it really well."

 You've done so much in the community, why financial advice?

 "It's based on what we're dealing with the economy the last couple years. It just makes all the sense in the world. We're quick to talk to kids about drugs and alcohol, sex education, and other things, why not hold this as dear to us as those things? Financial responsibility. I have 3 children and I'm  going through that.  One just graduated college. Walking through things with her I'm thankful I was able to get to her early. The value of money and how important it is to create some habits early in life that every dollar that comes into your hand you don't spend."

Were there mistakes you made earlier in your career that helped trigger this? Joe Gibbs and Mark Brunell  both had investments that wiped them out.

"I know Joe Gibbs' story and Darrell Green has a story like that. I don't have one like that, but I've made my share of mistakes. That's for sure. That's one of the reasons you want to protect people from making those same mistakes. If someone's willing to listen, I'm willing to share."

 What was the kids' biggest question?

"The kids were very sharp. There were kids in there studying accounting and also kids in classes in financial components. They were teed up quite nicely, so we tried to keep it practical. Jeff Wood of Merrill Lynch did such a great job of being the authority financial responsibility. They listen to me. I kept it real, they could identify with me. Jeff, working hand-in-hand with me, together we delivered a very good message."

Sounds like the Redskins owner could have gotten something out of this.

"Yea, we would have told him not to spend so much money on one player, but make sure he spends it around to all the players on the team." (laughing)

In the next two posts, Charles shares his opinions on the 3-4, why the pass rush is so horrible, and gives a strong message to the Redskins staff. Some good stuff.

Charles Mann at T C Williams High School - b-roll/soundbites from Bill Kavanagh on Vimeo.