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Redskins @ Titans Game Preview - Q&A with Music City Miracles


OK, let's shelve the McNabb and Haynesworth drama forever and talk some Titans. Here's my Q&A with Jimmy from SB Nation Titans website, Music City Miracles. The amazing stat in this is that the Titans have won 12 straight games against the NFC, including the 3 other NFC East teams this year.

Hogs Haven: The Titans have lost 2 straight and are sitting at 5-4...what are other teams doing defensively that works to stop VYoung and Chris Johnson? (Miami runs a 3-4).

MSM: Early on teams were really loading the box up against the Titans.  The Dolphins weren't able to do that last week with the addition of Randy Moss, and CJ had his most successful game of the year.  In addition to teams stacking the box, the offensive line, with has pretty much always been the strength of this team, has played really poorly thus far.  They looked a little better last week so hopefully they were able to sort some things out during the bye week.

As far as VY is concerned, it has really just been injuries that have slowed him down.  He played really well against the Chargers but had to leave the game with an injury.  He didn't play in the first half last week because of the same injury. 

The Redskins offensive line has been getting gashed up the middle by star DTs. Can you talk about your defensive line and some matchups that Jeff Fisher will be looking for? (Trent Williams has been holding the LT fine, but the Center and Right side of the line has been abysmal. Jammal Brown suffered a concussion last week as well.)

The Titans D line has been really good this year.  Jason Jones is a beast in the middle, and Jason Babin has resurrected his career, as a lot of guys have, under the leadership of D line Coach, Jim Washburn. The Titans other starting defensive tackle, Tony Brown, has been banged up for most of the season but looked good last week.

The Titans are blitzing more this season than in years past, but they still prefer to only get after the QB with the front four.  All of the guys on that line have high motors, and the rotation enables them to stay fresh and wear down opposing offensive lines.

 The Titans are undefeated against NFC teams...any particular reasons why that is?

It is the craziest thing.  They have won 12 15 in a row against the NFC with the Buccaneers being the only team they haven't beaten from the NFC since 2006.  I really have no idea why that is.

Who or what parts of the Titans defense are the weak links that the Redskins will try to be exploiting?

This one is easy- the linebackers in pass coverage.  The Titans got Dolphins TE a contract extension after his career performance against them last week (5 catches for 107 yards and a TD), and I am going to go out on a limb here and say Chris Cooley is a better player.  He will have a field day if they don't get it figured out.