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Wade Phillips - the Next Redskins Defensive Coordinator?

Coming to a Redskins Park near you?
Coming to a Redskins Park near you?

It's very clear the Jim Haslett experiment is not working. The Redskins went from a top 10 defense in 2009 to an NFL Worst, 32nd. When Haslett was first hired by the Redskins, I collected his team's defensive stats rankings for all the teams he was the Defensive Coordinator. Not including this year, FOUR out of seven years his defense was ranked 26th or worse against the run. Sounds familiar, right? Many Redskins fans on this site and other have been calling for Haslett's firing. Well, Jason LaCanfora just reported:

"Where will Wade Phillips resurface? How about Washington in 2011? He has strong ties to Mike Shanahan. Washington's defense is in disarray...they gave up 500 yards earlier in the season. If the Redskins make a move on Haslett, Wade Phillips knows that division. He's an option there."

A few things. How about Wade Phillips in DC in 2010? I'm over this defense. Andre Carter at OLB for a third of the season is the smoking gun. The turnovers are great, but that's more from coaching players to strip and punch the ball. Thanks for that, now move along.

Wade Phillips and Mike Shanahan overlapped in Denver for two years in 1993-1994 when Wade Phillips was the Head Coach and Shanahan the Offensive Coordinator. Of course, current Redskins DB Coach, Bob Slowik, was a Defensive Coordinator with Shanahan in Denver for 1 year in 2008 and that was a disaster (2008 Broncos defense ranked 28th in Yards Allowed and 30th in Points Allowed 28.

Another plus is that Phillips has a history of dealing with meddling owners.