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Daily Slop: Haynesworth - "I will always be a Titan at heart. I can't deny that"

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Albert Haynesworth is 'a Titan at heart' | | The Tennessean
"I will always be a Titan at heart,'' Haynesworth said by phone Wednesday night. "I can't deny that.''

D.C. Sports Bog - Riggins compares Redskins to a pyramid scheme
I couldn't agree more. Revenue is dwindling so they keep pushing the team is a Super Bowl contender.

Different Plan For Vince Young Than For Michael Vick
Haynesworth and Orakpo..former teammates of VYoung comment on stopping him.

Redskins Insider - Daniel Snyder calls loss to Eagles 'embarrassing' at U-Md. appearance
"No. 1, it's embarrassing. And I felt terrible for all our fans,"

The Cranky Redskins Fan's Guide to Dan Snyder - Washington City Paper
An A-Z guide of all of the owner's F-ups. Quite a compilation. Snyder has done a ton of charity work which Dave McKenna left out...but still, lot of mistakes.

The Official Website of Brian Orakpo - Becoming a Pass Rusher
Orakpo talks about being friends with Osi and Ware.