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Looks Like Someone Has a Sixpack of the Mondays (on Tuesday)

1. Wow...that...just...happened.

2. We have not won a game where we scored more than 17 points. Of our 5 losses, we have scored less than 24 points once.

3. Mike Vick is so much fun to watch, it is a shame he will be an Eagle for the next 7 years or so. I recall when he first came on the scene in the Madden NFL football game. When you played your own franchise, of course you had Vick. When you played one-on-one against your friends, wasn't there usually a rule that prevented either player from choosing the Falcons? We had one. Because in the hands of a good player, Vick was absolutely unstoppable. Watching last night's game took me all the way back to those days when with #7 under center, there was seemingly no way to lose.

4. We tried a lot of different things to stop Vick on defense. I saw us crowd the line of scrimmage, sit back in coverage, spy him and play him straight up. I don't think our defense is as bad as it looked last night. I don't think Vick is as good as he looked last night either. But of the two groups, I think it is fair to say that Vick played much closer to par for him than our defense did. How can I say that? Our defense has been porous all year. But when an opponent sets team records for points and yards, that is just a bad night. We couldn't do anything right. For the sake of my sanity, I need to call that a statistical outlier.

5. We have to talk about the contract extension. I took so much heat last week (on the radio if you heard) for suggesting this thing was a done deal. As of yesterday afternoon, I heard Chris Russell suggest that this thing was nowhere near close and that we should not expect it to get done any time soon. I don't get why people missed this story. As of last week, my point was not that the Skins were low on options, but that both the Skins AND McNabb were low on options. This deal made sense from both sides. The Redskins gave up the high draft picks. And which NFL teams are salivating to add a quarterback who has played like McNabb so far this season? And for the money he wants? A blind person could have seen this happening sooner rather than later.

6. The tailgate yesterday was great. Thanks to the efforts of our good friend Kris, the Christmas lights kept the tailgate lit and in a very festive mood. The Beirut played under those lights was also epic. Would it be too self-indulgent to report that a certain someone went 3-for-3 in Double Overtime to seal the deal against Lance and Matt? This after Lance guaranteed the win, hit what could have been the game-winning shot and then watched with terror as Kurt and I sent it to the first Overtime. Lance, when will you learn that as long as I still have a shot...the game simply ain't over? It should be noted that Kurt hit the soft and supple shot to send it to Double Overtime--great job, Kurt.