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Another Prime Time Embarrassment Highlights Dysfunctional Expectations

For the 2nd year in a row, an embarrassing Monday Night Football loss highlights a need for change. Last year, it was for organizational change from top to bottom. (Yay, we got it). This year, it's a philosophic change on how to manage personnel (Booo, it'll never happen). Simply put: The personnel on this team will never be good enough to win a Super Bowl. I've been beating this drum (as many people on this site have) to build through the draft. It's not going to happen, and I hate having to live with that. Bruce Allen built a Super Bowl team via free agency in Oakland in 2002 with an 11-5 record. The very next year the Raiders went 4-12, and well, we know how they did from there on out. Bruce made some great moves in Tampa, notably getting the Bucs out of salary cap hell, but porous drafts and investments into Chris Simms and Charlie Garner doomed the team into rebuild. 

I feel like I write the same damn article every day week. The core of any team should be young guys, yet it has always been the opposite here. I've generally liked Rabach, Fletcher, Daniels, Portis, Moss, but the realization is all these guys will be gone in two years if not this year. The first three are team captains by the way. Then you look at Haynesworth and Andre Carter...I'd be shocked if they're here next year.

"The future is now" couldn't be more accurate. And that's what sucks.

Who's going to take over the locker room then? Does anyone really think McNabb will be our starting QB after three years? To make it fair, all the ideal teams we long the Redskins to be: Steelers, Patriots, Colts...they have had a MVP Quarterback from the start. Drafting, trades, personnel, everything is MUCH easier when a perennial Pro-Bowl QB is in place. I'm not saying McNabb can't be great, well, with this supporting cast, that's exactly what I'm saying. Once again, we're delaying the inevitable re-build. All of the Eagles core players are under 25 (save Vick who's 30). It's mind-blowing how different our two teams are built. Trade players at their peak for high picks and ensure continuity with a stream of young players who contribute.

OK, so where do the Redskins go from here? Not far. Jammal Brown (concussion) and Artis Hicks both got injured last night. There's simply too many holes to fill. The Redskins of course are way too stubborn to draft 2 OL next year with their first 2 picks. So let's say they draft OL and WR. Who's going to help all along the defense front we need? Actually, it's imperative the Redskins draft two lineman next year. So that leaves us with the same WR corps again.

Last year's Swinging Gate debacle vs the Giants will forever be the worst Redskins game I've ever seen live. Last night's game was not even close. Most fans (like me) have become so accustomed to poor play that we actually laughed at it last night shaking our heads. After the first half, Ken and I went up to the Club Level where everyone was partying as if there was no game going on. Welcome to Redskins football.

The Redskins roster age is still one of the highest in the league. Does anyone think this group of guys will be better next year? Come on. If we cut the oldest guys on our team, we don't have the draft picks to fill all these holes and free agency is a term that makes me cringe (Hello Larry Johnson!). And based on our draft class this past year (save Trent), it's laughable to count on any of our late picks to contribute.

Since the Titans are assured a win this week, that means the Redskins will somehow show up and win this game, and then we can all debate about our future looking up again.