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Redskins 3rd Downs Statistics Are Worse Than You Ever Imagined

Before I get into my thoughts of the future of this franchise, here's some quick stats from last night's game that piss me off the most:

Redskins Offense: 0-10 on 3rd downs. 
McNabb: All three INTs came on 3rd down.

  • The Redskins now boast a 32nd ranked offense in 3rd down conversions at 22%. The next closest team is 7% points higher. Wow. The Falcons have converted 68 3rd downs to our 24, which is not even 3 a game.
  • Vick had a full 8 seconds before his TD pass to Jason Avant (and even then there was ZERO Redskins defenders near him). It was a rush 4 with Carter as LDE, Golston, Haynesworth, and Orakpo as RDE. Awful.

Michael Vick was a perfect 5-for-5 when the Redskins had 7 defenders in the box, with 2 touchdowns, a 158.3 passer rating and 30.6 yards per attempt.

Three of Michael Vick's touchdown passes came with 3-or-more WRs on the field. Vick came into Week 10 with a league best 102.9 passer rating in those personnel groups. [espn]

  • Haynesworth: "We got outcoached. We got outplayed. They did everything right." STFU.