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Daily Slop: Former Redskin Antonio Dixon Playing Well for Eagles

D.C. Sports Bog - Shanahan calls Mortensen report "totally untrue"
"Totally untrue," he said. "I mean, for you even to bring it up is really...I'm just kind of shaking my head. Because it's rumors.

Eagles Notebook: Eagles' Cole tries to explain comments about McNabb | Philadelphia Daily News | 11/15/2010
Andy Reid noted this week that the Redskins now have tape of cornerback Dimitri Patterson to dissect, since Patterson started against Indianapolis. He said Patterson will have to adjust to teams targeting his tendencies. "I have thought about that," Patterson said. "You usually know within the first three or four series how they want to attack you . . . By the second half, I'll have it down pat how they want to come at me"

Les Bowen: Eagles defense better against run than first Redskins meeting | Philadelphia Daily News | 11/15/2010
The Eagles said Washington's success had a lot to do with the Birds' unfamiliarity with the way the Redskins approach the run under new coach Mike Shanahan."It's the way they try to set new edges," Fokou said. "Moving people around, motioning - let's say you have an edge on this side, well, they might bring a receiver in motion there to crack it. And they don't really attack you at the line, they kind of zone block, which doesn't allow you to get into your gap, pretty much." Former 2009 Redskins DL undrafted free agent, Antonio Dixon playing very well for Eagles: "Dixon's playing out of his mind right now," Fokou said. "He's a beast down there in the middle. He's a powerful guy; he gets into their backfield, keeps those big guys [offensive linemen] off of us."

The Dozen | Philadelphia Daily News | 11/15/2010
Twelve facts and figures in advance of tonight's game between the Eagles and Redskins: (Skins have the #2 3rd down defense)