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What They're Saying in Philly About This Week's Game

Outside Linebacker Ernie Sims (who will line up over Jammal Brown/Stephon Heyerrecently said about McNabb:

"His tendency is to get out of the pocket and run. We plan on putting a lot of pressure on him as always. I'm pretty sure our front seven is licking our chops to get at him....I'm definitely hoping I can get me a good lick on McNabb," Sims said. "I'm excited about that....We just didn't have the edge set in the first couple of games, especially in that [first] game [against the Redskins], That's what we've been doing a whole lot better."

DeSean Jackson on the first matchup where the Redskins held him to 3 catches for 19 yards:

"The closest thing I've probably seen to coverages like that was in college, when I played against USC and they put their linebacker out over top of me (with) a cornerback and a safety," said Jackson, a receiver who played in college at California. "It almost felt like being on the punt team and being vice-doubled by two players."  

Well, the Eagles seem prepared this week for what went wrong last time. Nate Allen will not play, but they will be getting Brodrick Bunkley back at DT.

The Redskins are still saying Portis is a game time decision, but I simply don't buy it. Count on a healthy dose of Torain and Keiland Williams, which worries me a lot with as heavy as the Eagles pass rush is. Haslett and Kyle Shanahan both in their pressers today mentioned they will have trouble containing Vick and protecting the QB, which seems to be quite the opposite side of the spectrum of confidence the Eagles are showing. Only 3 more days of this McNabb/Vick stuff...aren't you excited?