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Players Who Played Through The Sickness: John Riggins

Is it sad that even in my 30s I'm hungover at work on a Friday? The answer is emphatically, No. If Pulitzer decided to add a prize for journalism while hungover, I think I could make a serious run at it. Another day, another sponsor, Vicks. Before I get into the best Redskin of all time to play through hangovers, I wanted to fill you in on the advances SB Nation has made. We recently received our 3rd round of funding for $10.5 million and also acquired SportsRadioInterviews, a company/product that transcribes radio interviews. That will be a huge addition for our platform and posts (sorry, Bog!). In the meantime, sponsors like this help Ken and I get some extra scratch in our pockets. The Justin Bieber Fan Club just upped their membership fees, so the timing is impeccable.

Robert John Riggins. Can you imagine Riggo and his partying ways trying to play in today's game? The amount of booze that Riggo consumed consistently cannot be understated. He was consistently hammered during practices, yet he dominated on Sundays. Who's to say anything? Here's a few of the legendary stories:

  • During one team meeting, the players heard a strange noise from inside the locker room, like the sound you hear when it just starts to pour rain. They glanced in the back and there was a groggy Riggins, lying on his back, his pants pulled down, peeing straight into the air all over himself. Gibbs and the poor coaching staff always looked the other way with Riggo, as long as he was coherent on Sundays, but this seemed a little much ... and yet the coaching staff never did anything. "They always looked the other way with him," said May. "It just wasn't Gibbs's nature to constantly battle with a player like that."
  • According to [Don] Warren, before [the NFC Championship game vs Dallas], a hungover John Riggins -- the legendary running back, honorary Hog and Super Bowl XXVII MVP -- pulled all the lineman aside and told them, "I don't want to embarrass myself today. Don't give me any huge holes -- I don't want to get chased down from behind. Just give me little creases and let me bang off people. That's all I need. No huge holes." He was serious.
  • The time he was too hungover to make the team bus and had to hitchhike to the NFC Championship Game, where coaches inadvertently picked him up.
  • Then there's the time he asked the Hogs to block LESS for him:
    Riggins:`Ah, the old man is mad at me. I'm asking you to do a little more for me. I need gaping holes.'
    Jacoby: 'He gets halfway across the room and then walks back. '
    Riggins: `On second thought, on those gaping holes, don't make them gaping. Just big enough to get five or six yards. I don't want to get 10 or 15 yards downfield and make a fool of myself falling down.'
    Jacoby: 'That was John, and then he goes out and gets 185 yards.'

Great video of Riggo doing cheesy car commercials, and some footage of his Hall of Fame speech where it's rumored he was do drunk he doesn't even remember it.