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Captain of the Tailgate: Is Your Tailgate Ready For the Bacon Explosion?

As a guy who takes tailgating very seriously, I am always looking for the next big thing to add to my tailgate. Sometimes, I overthink things and turn what could or even should be an easy task into something that takes up too much time and energy to be feasible in a four-hour tailgate. Then again, given the fact that we have already had a couple 5+ hour tailgates, perhaps I should dig back down in my goody bag of ridiculous ideas.

Tailgates are enhanced by a wide spectrum of things, and they don't always have to complicated. Tents, tables, chairs, grills and coolers are all very standard pieces of hardware for the modern tailgater. You can step it up with a generator, TV, lights, etc. For a night game, the lights are huge.

Then there's the food side of the spectrum. On this we can all agree: some of the best food we have ever eaten and will ever eat has been served to us in a parking lot somewhere before a big game or even concert. From smokers to fryers to wood fires, people are really mixing it up at FedEx these days, and the smells and tastes have never been better.

But today I challenge you all out there to tackle something that was sent to me by a buddy at the end of last season: The Bacon Explosion. I was unable to pull off this miracle last year due to a variety of reasons, but I am committed to having it at a tailgate this season even if it kills me, and judging by the list of ingredients, that is a harsh reality I may indeed face. Featuring TWO pounds of thick cut bacon, TWO pounds of Italian sausage, a jar of your favorite BBQ sauce, and a jar of your favorite BBQ rub, this meat lover's entree is quite honestly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I know many of you pride yourselves on your tailgates and your food. Some of you may have even already prepared this very dish.

Since the name of our website is Hogs Haven after all, we can't shy away from the awesomeness of pork and pork-related tailgate treats. That said, Kevin and I issue the following challenge to anyone out there that will be tailgating for the rest of the season: the first person to bring some Bacon Explosion to our tailgate at F31 for any one of the remaining home games will be awarded one of our original t-shirts.

Here is the link to a very detailed set of instructions with pictures to help you follow along from the good folks over at BBQaddicts. We will post pictures of the proud chefs and their dishes at the F31 tailgate here in subesquent tailgate posts. Happy cooking!