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The Thursday Line -- NFL Week 10 Picks

Last week I let Pommylee pick his four games and I let it ride. I am a big enough man to admit that while that may have been a mistake, I am not afraid to do it again! I now stand 22-26 against Lee. Come on mate...take it easy on America!

Pommy's picks after the jump...


Titans (+1.5) @ Dolphins
The Titans might be genuinely good and though Vince Young is Fantasy poison, he just wins games.  I am completely off the Dolphins (they have cost me enough this season-and not just on this site, but in my actual, real wallet) so this is an easy pick. TITANS

Jets @ Browns (+3.5)
I hate Mark Sanchez. Much like Vince Young, McCoy is just a winner, (really wish we had picked him up in the draft instead of McNabb, would have just symbolized a commitment to rebuilding if nothing else, but I digress).  AS I said I hate Sanchez, he's a dud as far as I am concerned, plus Cleveland plays hard every week. BROWNS

Chiefs (-1.5) @ Broncos
I am simply not sure what has happened to McDaniels. Maybe he is proof that great coordinators do not necessarily great Head Coaches make. There is something to leadership I suppose for that position-maybe he's better at X's and O's than interpersonal skills, I dunno, but it amazes me that this is the same coach who made Matt Cassel look good.  Still, I have to pick Cassel to beat his old mentor after Oakland put 60 on them right?? CHIEFS

Pats (+4.5) @ Steelers
I feel you have to forgive New England for last week's game. They would have to have been subconssciously looking past the Browns to this week's game I think.  The upshot of that is they have had 2 weeks to mentally prepare for this game, plus you know Belichick won't cop two crushing losses in a row. Maybe the Steelers win, but I see it being by no more than a FG, which means the Pats cover. PATRIOTS