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Daily Slop: Reminder that Santana Moss is a Free Agent This Year

Behind Enemy Lines
Amazing video of 2 Redskins fans that run wild in Philly in obnoxious Redskins gear harassing fans.

D.C. Sports Bog - Charles Mann works with Brian Orakpo
"Met him at the Chicago game, he was able to show me some tips here and there," Orakpo said. "I got two sacks, so obviously it helped. I was able to use it and translate that to the field. Like I said, I'm a guy open to always trying to get better, always trying to get that edge on other people, so that's what I do."

Redskins Insider - Roster analysis: Santana Moss poised to become a free agent
Jimmy Halsell breaks down what Moss will likely fetch next year in free agency.

Donovan McNabb and Billy Ray Cyrus Back In The Day
Great vintage photo. I didn't know Cyrus was playing halftime as well. God help us if Redskins are losing and then we get subjected to this.

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan: QB Donovan McNabb not close to full speed - ESPN
"Right now, he's improved from last week, but by no means is he full speed yet," Shanahan said. (Is anyone buying this?? To me, it's a preemptive excuse should he suck or get benched again).

D.C. Sports Bog - Vick didn't believe Shanahan's reasons
"I mean, I really didn't believe it at all," Vick said.

Report: Vikings coach Brad Childress not player favorite - ESPN
"We know that [Brad] Childress doesn't have our backs, so why should we have his?" one player told the newspaper. "We're playing for us, and we're winning despite him."Former NFL Player Dave Meggett Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison