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The Thursday Line -- NFL Week 5 Picks

Dear New Orleans Saints,

Your failure to cover the 13.5 spread last week was not just a loss for individual was a loss for America. I gave up some serious ground to Australia last week here. I hope you're happy.

For those keeping track, after 3 weeks, the my overall record against Lee, the Aussie, is now 11-13. That means I am one step closer to having to buy and ship the complete box set of Gilmore Girls to my mate from down under. I need to stop the bleeding.

Pommylee's picks after the jump.


Jags @ Buffalo (PK)

So let me get this straight: the Jags beat the Colts, Buffalo is quite possibly the worst team in the League with a nod to Carolina and Arizona (I don't care that they are 2-2 as long as D Anderson is QB they are awful) and more importantly Home Field advantage means nothing these days. And Vegas makes this a Pick ‘em??   Well thank you Vegas, I'll take the Jags and pocket my cash!.  Pick Jags

Titans (+6.5) @ Cowboys 

To be honest, I have not seen much of the Titans this year and I did not see Dallas play their one good game at Houston, but I saw them stink it up against us. I don't believe giving Wade Phillips one extra week to prepare really helps.  That may be unfair to Wade, but Jason Garrett will just have one extra week to stink up his offense (note my new US friendly spelling RVA) and waste his weapons.  Plus I have Vince on my Fantasy team so I know how awful his numbers can look, but the kid wins a lot of games and keeps his teams in most of them. I'll take the points thanks. Pick Titans

Kansas City (+8.5) @ Indy 

Indy has not been able to blow teams away this year, however Kansas can't really be a true 3-0 team can they?  This one I am finding tough, but given Weiss and Crennel have had the week off to prepare, I think they can keep Indy close. Although Belichick got all the credit, Romeo must have had some input into those Defenses that gave Manning fits against NE right?  Anyway, the gambling lesson of 2010 has been, take the points and I will follow that mantra here.  Pick Chiefs

 Giants @ Houston (-3) 

Being a Skins fan we all know what an awful O-Line looks like and that Chicago O-Line is all kinds of awful right now. For that reason I can't exactly believe that the Giants are back just because they managed to wade through the turnstiles masquerading as O-Linemen in Chicago.  Also, Houston will find it to their liking if this turns into a shoot-out. They are at home and if they don't want to waste the Indy win, this is the sort of game they must win.  I'm just hoping they see it that way for my money's sake.  Pick Houston


As for how I intend to take the lead back from Lee:

St. Louis (-2.5) at Detroit

I got burned last week taking favorites. Lee is even trying to help me by teaching me about taking the points. And yet...I see this one...and I want the favorite again. Stupid is as stupid does I suppose. Let's go Sam. RAMS

New Orleans (-6.5) at Arizona

I refuse to believe that the Saints are not at least 14 points better than the Cardinals. Usually when there is uncertainty at quarterback, they take the line off the board. Max Hall vs. Uncle Rico........hmmmmmmmmm, I'm taking Uncle Rico. Look for the Saints to roll. SAINTS

Philadelphia at San Francisco (-3.5)

It says here that 49ers get their first win this week at home against the Eagles. That defense is going to eat Kolb alive and may very well score enough points to win it themselves. Singletary is coaching for his job this week. 49ers

Minnesota at New York Jets (-4)

I am taking the Vikes and the points, Lee. So I am learning a little. I envision Brett Favre forcing the ball to Randy Moss for the rest of the season. That really helps the 3rd and Schlong Rough Riders, as we took a real chance on Moss in our fantasy draft. For Favre owners, this surely means more interceptions as defenses start quadruple covering Randy and Brett still tries to force it. Either way, I DARE you not to watch this game. VIKINGS