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Full Video of the Dan Snyder ESPN E:60 Interview

The re-introduction of the Redskins owner to society took it's biggest step forward, besides sitting down with us, this past Tuesday night. In a 10-minute piece, Rachel Nichols shows a side of Snyder we really haven't seen in regards to his pre-Redskins life. He talks about growing up, failing with his first two business adventures, how his father Jerry got him so into the Redskins, his bout with thyroid cancer, and his father's tragic passing. 

Dan definitely comes off as nervous, and it's hard not to blame him. We've seen the DC media shred people in the past including Snyder, Sean Taylor (pre and post death), Portis, on and on. Overall, it was the same Snyder Ken and I saw when we sat down with him for 45 minutes two months ago. Either way, I think we can all agree as long as Dan as not making roster moves, subtle interviews such as this are a good thing. Fans should like their owner.

If there's one thing I get out of this interview, it's that Jerry Jones should never ever ever be on HD TV again.

And part 2...